Who Are The Council Of 12?

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The Council Of 12 are a group of metaphysical beings that assist the growth and development of souls on this and other planets in the Universe. They are a mixture of male and female energies all of whom have at one time lived through incarnations on the earth, just as we do today.

They have become awakened to their true natures and have long since mastered their emotions and, as such no longer need to live in this third dimensional reality. Their sole purpose - through their own choosing - is to assist those who truly seek knowledge.

The 12 have confirmed there are only two individuals on this planet whom they directly use as voice pieces or channels: a lady called Selacia in California and the colleague I work with, Peter D…


Origins Of My Connection With The Council Of 12 (The Elders)


A man came to see me 20+ years ago, also named Peter. Peter D booked an appointment for assistance with a problem with anger. He found that he became explosively angry at the smallest little thing. He had attended a local clairvoyant for help, and she had sent him to me for some regression therapy, mentioning that he had an issue with his father that had stemmed from an experience when he was nine years old.

Through regression, we led Peter D back to a previous life as a nine-year-old crippled boy who couldn't speak. His father in that life had been so full of shame for having such a dysfunctional child, he would continually take his rage out on his son, beating him and calling him names.

This was, in part, where Peter D's present day anger/rage stemmed from.

Over the next two to three years, Peter D attended for regression sessions - often with months between them. Gradually the anger lessened, until one day it was gone.

Around this time, Peter D came in for another regression session.

While in a deep trance state, he found himself in a vast cavern with 12 non-physical beings standing before him.

He said they looked like monks.

I asked him to enquire who they were.

"We are The Council of 12," they informed him.

"Who are The Council of 12?” both Peter D and I asked.

”We are 12 Elders whose sole purpose is to assist mankind,” they replied matter of factly. "We have chosen the subject (Peter D) to pass our message to others when he becomes ready," they explained.

Thus began our relationship with The Council Of 12, which continues to this day.

The 12 have given us the structure for and guide The Soul and The Ego personal development workshops that I offer to groups every year here in Queensland, Australia.

Their advice, when followed, will assist those who truly wish to change. We have seen them help to transform the lives of many over the years.

Below follows some words from The 12 wise ones, describing who they are and what their purpose is.


 A Message From The Council Of 12 


"Our purpose is to change the evolution of mankind by changing one, not millions.

Changing one person's thoughts, beliefs and giving them faith can change the entire Universe. It can change the entire planet.

One person can.

By changing the thoughts of a few, we can influence the thoughts of millions.

That is what we are doing.

We are looking at transforming an entire species, for we have worked with other species in the Universe. Some less evolved, some more evolved.

We work with many planets, not just one.

Ours is knowledge.

We are not wise. We know all.

Wise is to listen.

Knowledge is to know.

Wise is to listen to those who know.

That is wisdom.

For some seek change but they are not willing to accept advice that will bring about that change. One thing that frightens them most is change itself.

We are instructors in how to integrate that change into normal daily activities of People.

We do not ask you to sit and pray for hours. We do not ask you to sit in caves and go to the mountain top.

The guidance that we give is guidance that can be taken up in normal daily activity. We help all with practical day to day skills.

Sitting in a cave clutching a crystal facing north is no longer applicable.

What we wish to teach, and what we would hope you to see, is new and practical.

It is not through joy or wonder that one grows. Growth comes not from mankind retreating to contemplate the greater good of all things. That achieves little.

By being amongst life, by being a fervent participant in life, by seeing the milestones that we place in front of you, to see the signs that we give everyday - this is what we seek.

Often a turning point is found at a time of difficulty. At a time when people are tested on both their faith and their belief. Not only in themselves but in the greater guidance of the Universe.

It is these times that forge great change in peoples direction and strength, faith and belief in themselves.

For true change only comes from within. Not from without.

We can assist them to see the good in all things that happen in peoples life.

There is no right and wrong.

There just is.

We are The 12 Elders.

For that is what we have been and that is what we will always be.

The 12 will assist those who openly and honestly have faith in a higher dimensional reality. For it is faith which brings about true change.

Faith in oneself.

Faith that all things happen for the greater good of all mankind.

For the greater Good in the Universe and for all those that exist.

Come to us ask with open, honest, sincere hearts and we will respond in a simple pragmatic way to change life, if you so desire...

If you so desire."